The Hop Grenade

The Hop Grenade™ is a premier Craft Beer taproom and bottle shop and

the world headquarters of The Brewing Network™ live radio studio.

About Us



Beer is an ancient and extraordinary beverage. Each glass resonates with its own distinct aroma, appearance, flavor, mouthfeel, technique, region, history and overall impression/experience.  

OUR TAPROOM & BOTTLE SHOP is an innovative and exciting space that brings a superior craft beer selection to you amid a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere. Located on the park in Todos Santos Plaza, you will find The Hop Grenade to be a comfortable, family-friendly setting in the heart of Downtown Concord. We are dedicated to facilitating the discovery and the growth of your relationship with craft beer one pour at a time, while providing the highest standard of service, cleanliness, and décor for you to enjoy.

OUR PHILOSOPHY focuses on contributing to our community's betterment in any way that we can. Whether you want to stop in after work and unwind, meet up with friends to solve the world’s problems, spend an evening learning brewing secrets from a knowledgeable brewmaster, listening to music, or watching Bay Area sports on the big screens, our goal is to make  our city a better place to live. 

OUR STAFF has great energy and a passion for craft beer. Expect consistently outstanding service and exceptional beer knowledge from a team that has been trained to really know their stuff.

OUR FAMILY has a zest for life and our life’s work. We love people, beer, fine artwork, music, and radio. We hold a variety of college degrees, life and business experience, and are chock-full of ideas, talent, and energy that will feed into The Hop Grenade for many years to come.

  • Justin Crossley is the founder of The Brewing Network and a veteran radio and television personality in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has created and hosted programming on CBS television and radio stations in San Francisco and provided web and terrestrial radio coverage of America’s burgeoning craft beer scene since 2005. Through the live-streaming and podcast network he and his team have created, Justin has defined the "beer radio" category by educating homebrewers and beer lovers around the globe. He is also on the Governing Committee of the American Homebrewers Association and works closely with the Brewers Association to host many of their national and international conferences and awards ceremonies on The Brewing Network.

  • Scott Moskowitz produces and hosts programming on The Brewing Network. A talk show devotee from early on, he began working in the industry in 2001 on FM radio in Southern California. After stints at Clear Channel and CBS Radio in San Francisco, he joined The Brewing Network in 2009. Since then, his passion for radio has been complimented by the development of his passion for craft beer and homebrewing. When he's not editing show audio or sampling the latest offerings from The Hop Grenade's tap list, he can be seen on the ice, behind an easel, or at a card table.

  • Kevin Callahan, The Hop Grenade's operations manager, brings to the team a wealth of hospitality experience, specializing in large pubs and restaurants. He served several years as the assistant general manager of Public House at AT&T Park in San Francisco, further developing its reputation as a premier craft beer destination. Kevin shares The Brewing Network's passion for craft beer and plays an integral role in the operation and ongoing development of The Hop Grenade.

  • Kim Moskowitz has studied and worked in various capacities over the years. While working as a merchandise buyer and sales manager for a chain of men’s clothing stores, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Spanish and business prepared to become an interpreter. Along the way she fell into a career as a musician which had always been a passionate avocation. She loves the chill, grassroots feel of the craft beer industry and is thrilled to be a part of its growth and development alongside her talented family and adopted HG family.

  • Marty Moskowitz' career has involved all aspects of the shopping center business, especially retail commercial leasing, development and tenant representation. Inspired by The Brewing Network, he has become a craft beer aficionado and amateur homebrewer. With The Hop Grenade, he has combined his many years of business experience with love of craft beer.